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Project Sakura
Every culture is unique.

What would like to see your own culture through the eyes of others?

Project Sakura is a project led by Dentsu Singapore which explores Asian people's perspectives on Japanese culture, including fashion, anime, drama, music, food, brands and tourist attraction.

The first project is to grasp Singaporean's perspectives of Japanese culture. And, it will ongoingly carry out.

Take a little peek as some aspects of Japanese culture through Singaporean eyes.
Image of Japan through Singaporean Eyes
・Bold ・Exploding ・Cool
・Daring ・Expressive ・Cute
・Colorful ・Funky ・Creative
・Different ・WOW
Anime / Manga / Games
・Creative ・Very Real ・Humanized
Drama / TV / Movies
・Horror specialist ・Comical ・Sick humor
・Unrealistic Romance ・Animated ・Entertaining
Music / Entertainment
・Groovy moves ・Awesome MTV ・Short-term celebrities
・Popularity outshined by Korea
Brands / Products
・Innovative ・Creative ・Advanced
・High-Tech. ・Reliable ・Superior quality
・Very expensive
・Raw ・Fresh ・Distinct Taste
・Healthy ・“I love Japanese food!”
Culture & Festivals
・Colorful ・Beautiful ・Rich
・Unique - Only available in Japan
・Courteous ・Polite ・Traditional
・Organized ・Fascinating ・Patriotic
・Discipline ・Egoistic(men)..but creative
・Trendy ・Daring!
Travel Related
・Sakura ・Nice Weather ・4 Seasons
・Tokyo ・Hokkaido ・Mt. Fuji