What We Do - Approach

Our approach is to maximize consumers' involvement using 4 key points
  • ・Employing target insight and media insight
  • ・Adopting to both Width (reach and frequency) and depth (degree of involvement)
  • ・Creating a communication scenario
  • ・Combining multiple contact points in the most effective way.
Planning Point 1 : The “AISAS®” perspective
The AISAS® Model proposed by Dentsu
Dentsu has developed a consumer behavior model, “AISAS®”. As information environment speeds up, Search and Share (searching for and sharing information) has become more important. With AISAS®, we have compressed the “Psychological Change” elements (AIDM) in AIDMA and expanded the Action segment into SAS (Search→Action→Share).

In order to capture the attention of consumers, it is important to think from the perspective of AISAS®.

Planning Point 2 : “ContactPoint Management®”
The ContactPoint* surrounding consumers are becoming increasingly diverse and the effects of these Contact-Points differ depending on product categories and purposes.

It’s important to seek out the Contact Points that communicate most effectively with targets, and design communications that link these Contact Points organically.

This method is called “ContactPoint Management®”.

*We define ContactPoint™ as the various perspectives that link consumers with brands.