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New devices, new gadgets, new technologies, new media, new services, new jargon, new formats …..

There is always something “NEW” in the digital world. As a media agency, we know just how important it is to be fully aware about all these new and emerging trends and possibilities. However, we also believe there are some more fundamental dynamics which need to be grasped first.

We all know that digital media provide potential points of contact with consumers in their day to day lives. However it is crucial that we understand how consumers behave in response to the media landscape they find themselves at this particular moment.
Before anything else, Dentsu media is an agency which understands the current behaviour of consumers.
Understanding consumers To maximize their connection to, and involvement with, your brand.

Global Knowledge To bring together our specialized knowledge and expertise from across the globe to craft the best possible campaign.Technology & tools To engage consumers in campaigns with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
"AISAS®" in digital planning
The web should be approached as just one tool in an integrated campaign.
The "SIPS" approach to social media.
SIPS is Dentsu’s new model for understanding consumer responses to communication through social media. The key to promoting participation in your brand is creating sympathy among consumers.
Technology & Tools
IGNITIONONE Ignition One is a combination of two industry-leading technologies to create ONE platform for:
IGNITIONONE Introducing – The World’s First Closed Loop Digital Marketing Suite (DMS)
・iButterfly is an entertainment application for the iPhone which utilizes AR and location based technology developed by Dentsu HQ. ・It offers vouchers, entertaining content and location-based information to its users.
Procedure of catching butterflies
Find a Butterfly on the iPhone map. Catch an AR (augmented reality) butterfly using the iPhone Some butterflies take the form of vouchers (which you can trade with friends)
Scan it!
An image recognition app
Enables users to attach web-based information to real objects