What We Do - Activation

Apart from the basics of media planning and buying, we offer a variety of unique features to activate your campaign and maximize the involvement of your consumers in it.
Dentsu media - Global Media Agency Network has solid relationships with media owners which enable us to implement a variety of innovative media ideas unavailable to other agencies.
Content Syndication and Program Development
apanese TV is popular and well-regarded across the world, and especially in Asia. Dentsu media offers syndication of high-rating Japanese and other Asian TV programs, program footage, and program formats.
Dentsu media also offers original TV program development in alliance with local TV stations and productions.
Casting Casting services
Taiwanese actress, 夏宇童(Charlotte Wren) is Starring in a major Japanese TV drama series.
entsu media’s global network offers casting services across the region. We help to export Japanese talents to your country, and to import your country’s talent to Japan or any other region. In Taiwan, Media Palette Taiwan got a popular Taiwanese star to be cast in a major Japanese TV drama series.
Broadcasting Rights Marketing & Broadcasting Rights
ecause Dentsu has healthy finance, strong relationships with media owners, great relationships with contents holders, high-level expertise and a powerful track record, as well as a long history of involvement in the sports marketing business, Dentsu has acquired exclusive marketing and broadcasting rights for a variety of premium sports such as Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Track & Field, Athletics and Cricket.
Partnerships Partnerships
ur sports marketing is not just about broadcasting rights.
Through collaboration with National Sports Association, we can offer you a partnership program. For example, we can collaborate with a National Olympic Committee to support your country’s athletes as well as a sporting culture, and promote enthusiasm for sports.
IP management Intellectual Property Management
apanese anime is popular around the world. Dentsu Singapore is our hub for managing the master licenses for sev- eral Japanese animes and distributes them across the region.
1 2 Maple Story Deltra Quest 3 4 Deltra Quest
nime Festival Asia (AFA) is the most talked-about anime event in South East Asia. Dentsu Singapore was one of the main organizers of the event, contributing to marketing, sponsorships, advertising & media, event manage- ment and artist management. Dentsu media knows how to put events together and WOW your audiences.
Character Development
Taiwan (Open-Chan)
ometimes, having an iconic character as your brand's ambassador makes it easier to communicate with your customers.
“Charactank” is a specialized unit of Dentsu Headquarter (Tokyo), providing a complete character planning and producing using Dentsu's accumulated know-how in character communication. Unlike illustration, important thing to character development is to create each character’s unique personalities and the story creation alongside the character which “Charactank” is knowledgeable about.
Working with “Charactank”, Dentsu media can help your brand to develop original characters.

In fact, one of the projects “Charactank” and President Chain Store who manages 7-11 in Taiwan, bring up “Open-Chan” together, and it becomes widely popular in Taiwan.
Emerging Media
Mobile Applications
Butterfly is an entertaining iPhone application using AR, motion sensor, and GPS functions to collect coupons.
Through iButterfly, we not only deliver coupons, but also provide a range of other information and content.
his is hybrid book combined iPhone and an ordinary book. You can enjoy interacting it with, by touching the screen or tipping the book as you read it.
Interactive Video Interactive Video
nteractivity is not only for websites. Interactive video brings new opportunities for advertising, and new experiences for to consumers . In Thailand, Dentsu media runs an in-theatre interactive cinema–ad. The act of interaction makes the connection between consumers and the brand stronger.
Interactive Cinema-Ad. In-theater Performance (Thailand)
  • People cough at the actor in -the commercial.
  • The actor gets immediately infected with influenza.
  • Message Influenza can kill you, get vaccinated!
D-ready TV sets have just come out on the market. 3D is a widely discussed global phenomenon. Does 3D change the way we advertise? There are already 3D newspaper ads, 3D-OOH and 3D commercials. Because Dentsu media is always at the cutting-edge, we are constantly innovating and using new media, new technology, and new ways of advertising.
Groundbreaking Solutions
Creative use of media
edia is not just space to fill. Dentsu media offers you ideas that think-outside the box and implements them for you.
Dentsu media offers you a “WOW Solution”
We WOW our clients, and WOW consumers with our groundbreaking solutions.