JKT48 is a girl’s pop idol group from Jakarta, Indonesia born in Nov. 2011.
Produced by Dentsu media, JKT48 successfully introduced and localized from the Japanese pop content, AKB48.
JKT48 is an effective communication platform which only
Dentsu media can provide to marketers who are seeking break-through solutions in communication,
especially with the younger generation in Asia.

Case : JKT48   |   Country : Jakarta, Indonesia  |   Agency : Dentsu Media Group Indonesia


How JKT48 Project Works

・For marketers, JKT48 functions as a point to communicate with Indonesian consumers especially in their 10-20’s.
・For media owners, by featuring JKT48, they can attract a younger audience to their contents.
・Based on this relationship, Dentsu media develops multi-layered partnerships with
 media owners and leverages it to get preferable conditions from media owners.

JKT48 was honored by the Markplus with

‘New Wave Marketing
Recognition Award 2013’

which is the prize for the most cutting-edge business model/strategy in Indonesia.