22 Feb 2017

10 Digital Marketing Trends in 2016

Dentsu media has released a content website “Reaching Ahead”, developed on collaboration with Digiday, a global leading modern media publication and events company.

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20 Jan 2017

Dentsu Announces Change of Representative Directors and President & CEO

Dentsu convened a meeting of its Board of Directors to determine the resignation of Tadashi Ishii as a Representative Director and President & CEO, and to select Shoichi Nakamoto (currently Director and Senior Executive Vice President & CFO) and Yoshio Takada (currently Director and Executive Vice President) as Representative Director and Senior Executive Vice President & CFO and Representative Director and Executive Vice President respectively, and to select Toshihiro Yamamoto (currently Senior Vice President) as President and CEO. These changes will become effective on January 23.

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25 Oct 2016

Dentsu media unveils ‘dmLab’ in the Philippines

MANILA – Dentsu media Philippines, a subsidiary network brand of Dentsu Aegis Network Philippines, announced today the launch of “dmLab (Dentsu media Laboratory)”, an innovation unit that aims to harness the latest technology and create new digital experiences for the market.


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04 Oct 2016

Dentsu media Thailand introduces the most in-depth insight solution ‘DMT DeepDrive’, empowering business performance

Bangkok – Dentsu media Thailand, a subsidiary of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) today announced the launch of “DMT DeepDrive”, the most unique in-depth insight solution to unlock the deepest hidden truth on consumer behavior and change adoption. With this solution, it can ensure clients not only develop effective communication but also increase business competitiveness in the age of digital economy.


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26 Sep 2016

Dentsu Media launches third DM Lab, in Vietnam

VIETNAM – Following the launch of the Dentsu Media Laboratory (DM Lab) in Thailand late last year, Dentsu Media has launched another in Vietnam, its third outside Japan. In a statement, Mitsuyuki Nakamura, president of Dentsu Media Southeast Asia, reported that since the launch of the lab in Thailand last October, the company has seen “many beneficial opportunities for collaboration” between ideas and technology.

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